5 Books You Should Read Before June Ends


Summer is just around the corner which means summer reading lists will be popping up everywhere. Need some help compiling your own? Take a look at these five books you should read before June ends to get started. Do any of these catch your eye? Leave a comment at the bottom of this post to let us know!



the-neruda-caseThe Neruda Case by Roberto Ampuero

Release Date:  June 14

Available at Amazon


If you’re a mystery lover, then Roberto Ampuero should definitely be on your reading list. The University of Iowa professor has become an international sensation with his trademark detective, Cayetano Brule, and now he’s taking the English publishing world by storm with “The Neruda Case.” In this novel, the roguish Cayetano meets beloved poet Pablo Neruda who gives Cayetano a mysterious mission that takes him from Chile to Cuba, Mexico to Germany and back. As Cayetano attempts to solve the dying poet’s puzzle, he’ll transcend cultures and politics during a violently transforming era…



barack-obama-the-storyBarack Obama: The Story by David Maraniss

Release Date: Jun 19

Available at Amazon


When a small excerpt from this book was published in Vanity Fair, a media whirlwind quickly followed about President Obama’s college love life. But this is only a small sampling of what this highly anticipated book has to offer. David Maraniss, preeminent journalist and modern historian, chronicles the life of America’s first black president from his family roots in Kansas and Kenya, to his struggles as a man trying to understand who he is and where he is going. Based on hundreds of interviews and a wealth of documents and written testimonies, Maraniss offers a classic study of Obama with the potential to affect the course of events this election year…



mrs-robinsons-disgraceMrs. Robinson’s Disgrace by Kate Summerscale

Release Date: June 19

Available at Amazon


In this captivating nonfiction read, a Victorian woman is put on trial for adultery. Isabella Walker becomes Mrs. Henry Robinson after her first husband dies suddenly, leaving her widowed and penniless. After the birth of her two sons, Henry moves his family into Edinburgh’s high society, leaving Isabella on her own during his frequent travels as a civil engineer. However, when he is in fact home, he is distant and aloof. In an effort to preoccupy herself, Isabella starts a diary to record her thoughts, including her fascination with a married Dr. Edward Lane. As the years go by, her entries become more passionate and suggestive. When Henry comes upon it one day, he believes Isabella has been unfaithful to him…



the-age-of-miraclesThe Age Of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

Release Date: June 26

Available at Amazon


This coming-of-age story is set against a backdrop of a drastically changing world, and that’s putting it mildly. A violent earthquake has managed to slow the Earth’s rotation. This means the days and nights are getting longer, gravity is being affected and the environment is finding itself in disorder. Yet against this landscape, young Julia is also trying to keep up with the hectic drama of normal life. Her parents’ marriage is on the rocks, close friends are becoming strangers and on top of everything, she’s discovered her first love…



summerlandSummerland by Elin Hilderbrand

Release Date: June 26

Available at Amazon


Every year, Nantucket High students gather on the local beach for a graduation night bonfire. However, this year’s celebration is brought to a tragic end after a car crash leaves well-liked Penny Alistair dead; her twin brother in a coma; and her friend and boyfriend emotionally scarred. As summer goes by and the investigation into the accident intensifies, shocking facts are brought to light about the crash survivors and their parents, sending a community reeling in the aftermath…




Which of these books are you most looking forward to?

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