Looking for some exciting new reads? We’ve got all that and more with this week’s Top 5 New Book Releases below. Do any catch your attention? We’d love to hear what you think in our comments section!



creole-belleCreole Belle by James Lee Burke

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Dave Robicheaux is in a New Orleans hospital recovering from the shootout that put a bullet in his back. However, the morphine he’s given for his pain is causing him to see things that may or may not be there – like Tee Jolie Melton, a troubled woman who disappeared weeks ago, leaving him an iPod playing “My Creole Belle,” a country blues song. When he discovers her sister is found dead inside a block of ice floating in the Gulf though, he thinks it might be connected to a nearby oil company which only resurrects more demons for him and fuels his drive to find answers…



earth-unawareEarth Unaware by Orson Scott Card & Aaron Johnston

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Past Pluto lies the Kuiper Belt where mining ships can be found few and far between. El Cavador is one such ship, but with old and failing systems and a family that is quickly outgrowing its boundaries. With all these problems, no one worries when a massive, fast-moving object is located with their telescopes. Unfortunately, it’s not something that can be ignored since it’s the most significant event the human race will see in a million years…



the-fallen-angelThe Fallen Angel by Daniel Silva

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Fans of Gabriel Allon will be thrilled with this spellbinding suspense novel of secrets that threaten to destroy the world. Gabriel is restoring a Caravaggio masterpiece for the Vatican when a woman is found dead beneath Michelangelo’s dome. The Pope’s secretary suspects it is not a suicide as the Vatican police rule, so he enlists Gabriel’s help in learning the truth. Gabriel infiltrates a smuggling network where an old enemy surfaces and is plotting revenge, and the repercussions could be deadly…



have-mother-will-travelHave Mother, Will Travel: A Mother and Daughter Discover Themselves, Each Other, and the World by Claire Fontaine & Mia Fontaine

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Claire and Mia Fontaine captivated readers with their bestselling memoir “Come Back” which told the story of Mia’s drug addiction and Claire’s intervention to save her. A decade later, the mother-daughter pair decides to take an adventure around the world to jump-start their lives and relationship. After visiting 12 countries, they find what they seek: Mia, maturity after meeting confident and group-oriented 20-somethings along the way, and Claire, a plan for life after motherhood. They come home rejuvenated and strengthened by their renewed bond…



running-for-my-lifeRunning for My Life: One Lost Boy’s Journey from the Killing Fields of Sudan to the Olympic Games by Lopez Lomong & Mark Tabb

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A Nike sponsorship, a college education and an Olympic dream realized were never things Lopez Lomong imagined for himself. He was only a boy when he was forced to become a child soldier in Sudan. Somehow he escaped and ran for three days until he reached a refugee camp in Kenya. Once there, his only outlet for fun was a game of soccer held eighteen miles out of his way.  Despite his struggles, he persevered, became an American citizen and carried the American flag in the Summer Olympics, proving that what seems impossible can become real, but only if you try…




Which of these books are you really looking forward to? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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