Women’s History Month Books


10 Interesting Reads For Women’s History Month

March is here, and that means only one thing: it’s Women’s History Month. Countless individuals helped pave the way for women both historically and in literature, but many of us have probably never heard their stories. Here is a list of books I’ve compiled that will surely inspire and enlighten, making all females appreciate the privileges we enjoy today…     Read more >>





5 Kick-Ass Females You’d Better Think Twice Before Messing With

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Women’s History Month! Last year I paid tribute to feminists and female writers who paved the way for our generation. This year I thought I’d honor 5 of literature’s most kick-ass females you’d think twice before crossing. They’re not all that physically intimidating, but they’re definitely powerful. And one thing’s for sure: you certainly wouldn’t want to mess with them…     Read more >>