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Hello World!

    Do you remember your first book? I sure do! I remember having a special place for it on ...
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The Most Stolen Library Books

    If you had any doubt whether books would be around for much longer, have no fear! Apparently some ...
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Flipping Over The New Flipback – The Next Big Thing In Publishing?

  I’m kind of old-fashioned when it comes to books. Even though devices like the Kindle make reading more convenient ...
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Get Ready For Banned Books Week!

    Who would ever think of bookworms as rebels? Not me, that’s for sure. But if you’ve ever read ...
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Reading For Pleasure’s Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

  Looking for a present for that special bookworm in your life? Have no fear - Reading For Pleasure’s holiday ...
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The New Year’s Resolution You Won’t Want To Break

    Happy New Year everyone! Speaking of which, did you make a New Year’s resolution? A goal you want ...
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Don’t Break Hearts This Valentine’s Day! Give a Child a Book

  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with it comes the pressure to make the holiday live up ...
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How You Can Take a Reading Vacation at a Country House, Italian Castle or Monastery

    These last few days I’ve found myself thinking, “I desperately need a vacation.” See, I’m one of those ...
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The Modern Day Bookmobile: “A Weapon of Mass IN-struction”

  A library on wheels - now how cool is that? A friend brought this to my attention the other ...
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What Should Hunger Games Fans Read Next?

  Now that the Hunger Games trilogy has been adapted to the big screen, fans are probably looking for the ...
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