Are You Well-Read?

    I came across an NPR post the other day titled “The Sad Beautiful Fact That We’re All Going To Miss ...
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Are You What You Read?

  I came across a Huffington Post article earlier today titled “You Are What You Read.” In it, the CEO of ...
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Ever Wonder What Celebrities Read? Here’s A Sneak Peak At Their Bookshelves

  Fellow writer and bookworm Mike Hanski of Bid4Papers.com published a REALLY COOL infographic called "You Are What You Read" which ...
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Guilty Pleasures – Revisiting Classic Children’s Series

    Growing up, my shelves were bursting with all kinds of books, especially series books. I remember collecting Girl Talk, Nancy ...
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What Your Favorite Childhood Book Says About You Now

    So I came across this Flavorwire post that was just too cute (but mostly funny) to pass up. Titled “What ...
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