If you had any doubt whether books would be around for much longer, have no fear! Apparently some books are so hot, they’re being stolen from libraries every day!


MainStreet spoke with librarians around the country to find out which books and publications are swiped most, and the results are pretty amazing. Here goes:


  • Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition – It’s not technically a book, but there is writing inside. So I guess it qualifies as something you would read for… uh, pleasure. Along these lines, Kama Sutra manuals and erotic novels disappear quickly, too.


  • Art Books – You may find pages missing from fancy volumes, especially if they’re sexy pictures and illustrations. That is, if you find them at all – art books are worth a lot on eBay.


  • Test Prep Books – I don’t advocate theft, but I can understand why these go missing. They’re expensive to buy new, and it’s not like you can find used editions that aren’t outdated.


  • Non-Circulating/ Out-of-Print Books – The most stolen book in Bay City, Michigan’s library is “The Michigan Divorce Manual.” Publications like this DIY work contain forms and detailed instructions that probably take longer to complete than the normal check-out time.


  • School Reading – If it’s on your student reading list, chances are you won’t find it at your local library.


  • Pop Novels – New bestsellers or pop culture works don’t stay on the shelves for long. Not much of a shocker though, right?


  • Paranormal Activity Books – As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t miss this genre while browsing. But if you love to read about ghost sightings or psychic Sylvia Brown, you’ll be left disappointed.




What do you think? Surprised by any of the findings?

The Most Stolen Library Books
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Maria Miaoulis

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  • Irini

    Good thing I prefer reading obscure philosophical fiction from older times then… looks like I’ll always find what I’m looking for! Hahaa! :)

    • Maria Miaoulis

      Haha, bookworms always find a way to come out on top :-)

  • Tyler

    howdy, superior weblog, and a really good understand! one for my bookmarks.

    • Maria Miaoulis

      Thank you! That’s very nice of you to say :-)